Battery and Power supply system

In Battery Section Exlanta is Offering Shoto products as one of the biggest producer of battery in the world.

 Shoto has a strong edge and leading international market position in back up lead acid battery. This company is the Chinese largest marketer of lead acid battery.  


GFM Series 200AH to 3000 AH 2V     

GFX Series 200 AH to 3000 AH 2V GFMJ Series 200 AH to 3000 AH 2V    6GFMJ-Series 50AH to 200 AH 12V
6FMX- Series 50AH-150AH 12V   6XFMJ Series 120 AH to 200 AH 12V 6GFM Series 24AH-200AH 12V   6GFXSeries 50AH to 150AH 12V
3GFXSeries 200 Ah to 300 AH 6V  Series 1: Low power and eco-friendly type 6GFMJ Series   Series 2: High power and highly reliable type   Series 3: High power and eco-friendly type  
Series 4: Low power and highly stable type        
Trouble-free operation of today's telecom systems requires the use of power supply units which are reliable and ready to be brought into operation at any time.

Working with customers world wide BENNING supplies AC- and DC power solutions to fixed and wireless network operators. The basis for the construction of the Telecom power supplies are switched mode power modules in plug-in technology.

With parallel connection systems can be configured up to several thousand amps. Advanced design and state-of the art circuit topology are the basic features of compact power systems with high efficiency