Fiber Optic Cables

We offer a full range of optical fibers that have been designed, developed, .manufactured and tested. Covering the spectrum of customer needs for: Single-mode optical fibers Multimode optical fibers Specialty fibers.

Multi mode
Double mode

Necessary information for choosing or ordering optical cable
Application environment: indoor, outdoor;
Installation condition: aerial, buried, duct ;
Fiber type : single mode(G652 or G655), multimode;
Fiber count: such as 48 fibers;
Construction: metallic armored or non-metallic ;
Material of sheath: PE,PVC, LSZH;7
Mechanical performance: tensile or crush strength; Pole span, wind velocity for aerial type cable; Diagram of cable.

Fiber Distribution panel Fiber Splice Panel Fiber Enclosure panel
Fiber patch panel Fiber Patch Cord ODU
Swing Splice Fiber optic Panel Fiber Optic Attenuator Fiber Optic Connector  
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Draka Fiber Optic Data Sheet   YOFC Fiber Optic Data Sheet  
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Rosenberger Fiber Optic Data Sheet   Netop Fiber Optic Data Sheet